The Origin of Skeletons

by County Drop

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CHK 04


released August 20, 2013

County Drop is
Brian Liddy
Jack Marcus
Kawan Jefferies
Jason Selvaggio

All songs written by County Drop.
Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios.
Artwork by Rob Gnarly
All chest hair worn by Jack David Marcus.



all rights reserved


Choke Artist New Brunswick, New Jersey

NJ Label
Founded in 2012

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Track Name: Bee Keeper
Some moments you know you just can't win
Well they weigh on down upon empty heads
So keep choking on sentences
That turn paragraph form and are now books you've read

So turn
And run home now, kid

Some moments felt
Well they sting like hell
Hey, choke on down
Your words so well
Track Name: 614
Where have you been sleeping well?

These movements awake in my mind
Destroy your shell
And come back home
To enjoy yourself
As we are far too stoned

And the day that I get through to you
Will be way beyond your calendar
And now braver I'll consider it
Your fate and mine came close to touch

You're wrong
So own up to you and your game
Track Name: Big Mouth
You gave up and gone away
Move onto brighter things
It's one lonely combination, or so you'll say
And as I've seen you lay
You've barely known my name
Now with nothing gold to say
...You'll always walk away

Now could you try today
To bury my awful face
No we could never stay
You're so young
It's such a tiring game
I'm not dumb enough to play
Now we're on again

Try to embrace this
Your bag of bones as I've been
And I'll break them to build your monument
Of that high horse you rode on in
But with one mouth so wide
I'll keep quiet

And we have come for your passion
Sank by ships built from regret
And nautical miles could not distance our passion
So float like bones again
Track Name: Landlord
We couldn't stay for long
Just as a mouthful is said again
It's fucking useless
but you're so proud you've come back all unprovoked

You'll spill what little guts you have
Upon the dashboard of your parents brand new Ford
And reflect on all you'll never know
But who have you become? No friend of my own
So play dead until no end

We're turning down your light
Now we shall die here
To lay side to side
As you are all that I fear now again
We're lowered down, right where soil and earth are all I know
The true meaning of alone

Turn down your light
Track Name: Shredder
ese walls are built on statues that crumble hard
I'm pulling out teeth promising better things
But my tongue can now sleep and form a mountain range
But you're a landscape now and these hills are your home
And no light will shine out of your skeletal...throne

You'll suffer on your way home
And down it goes
It's so tough to imagine it

So shred it right apart, whatever keeps you warmer
You cannot now breathe, I've pierced your lung
And look how high you sit
But we'll amount to shit here
And I can watch your veins begin to flood
From what I know is now poison for your blood and your brain

Shed all of your leaves
And lay down your brown branches
Trace over dark lines
Drawn up from our chances